Standoff mount glass guards

Glass panels are side mounted to a support. We use 1-1 / 2” diameter cylindrical stainless steel standoffs.

Standoffs are satin stainless-steel finish. As a custom finish, standoffs may be blackened or polished.

Our patented adjustable standoffs allow perfect alignment of glass panels without the need for glass caps or any other hardware to help with glass guard geometry, even if the mounting support surface is not plumb and straight.

Hidden hardware glass guards

We make frameless glass guards. Typically, we do side mount standoff installation. To achieve a more minimalistic look, it is often requested to have glass guard connecting hardware, concealed. Hardware, connecting glass panels to stairs we hide with caps, looking like step extensions.

When a glass guard with hidden hardware is required along floor openings, a space for hardware (between rim joist and finishing material) must be planned. It is a common mistake to have framing (sometimes even drywall) done expecting traditional top munt railing end then express a wish to have a hidden hardware glass guard.

Building a “mask” for glass hardware is not included in our price unless stated otherwise.

Our typical details with hidden glass hardware are shown.

Expected PricingInstallation included
(without installation deduct 20%)

  • standoff mount, 1/2" thick, clear,
    tempered installation in wood support
    36" high - 303.00/lin ft
  • 42" high 323.00/lin ft
  • for extra clear, acid etched or tinted add 109.00/lin ft
  • installation in brick, block or stone support add 50.00/lin ft
  • standoff mount glass guard
    36" high
  • tempered and laminated 9/16" thick clear glass 402.00/lin ft
  • tempered and laminated 11/16" thick clear glass 413.00/lin ft
  • tempered and laminated 13/16" thick clear glass 445.00/lin ft