Hovering steps

Mrail is proud to announce our second new design of 2021. Aptly named the "Hover Step", this incredibly innovative staircase gives off the illusion that the steps seemingly float, detached from the steel stringer below, all the while staying completely independent from any side walls. There truly is no design more synonymous with the term "Floating Stairs" than the Mrail Hover Step.

(Pictured above is our showroom model)

Expected Pricing

  • box steps, metal stringers, spray painted
    up to 42" wide, flat cut oak 1,645.00/step
  • quarter cut oak add 103.00/ step
  • walnut add 173.00/step
  • landing up to 42" x 42" flat cut oak 5,929.00
  • quarter cut oak add 192.00
  • walnut add 384.00