Wall supported cantilevered stairs

Steps protrude from one side stringer. The side stringer is secured to a side wall, and the side wall is reinforced to structurally support a cantilevered stair. The stair structure should be installed before the wall is finished. Site welding is required.

The stringer may be painted and remain visible, but in most cases the wall is furred out to allow the wall finish to run over the stringer. Only steps protruding from the wall are visible.

In its simplest form the steps consist of steel plates only. Wooden boards may be added on top of the steps. Most often the steps are completely wrapped with box like wood liners so the steel is not visible and the steps resemble wood slabs emerging from the wall.

Expected PricingInstallation included
(without installation deduct 20%)

  • up to 42" wide, flat cut oak 1,452.00/step
  • quarter cut oak add 96.00/step
  • walnut add 161.00/step
  • landing up to 42" x 42" flat cut oak 5,929.00
  • quarter cut oak add 176.00
  • walnut add 353.00
  • Add 10% for up to 48" wide
  • Inquire for stairs over 48" wide