Post mount glass guards

We use minimal looking, rectangular shape posts, stainless steel or aluminum. Glass is secured to the posts with adjustable standoffs. Our adjustable standoffs have enabled us to make foot tall “mini posts” that can satisfy structural requirements and allow a perfect geometrical alignment of glass panels.

Expected PricingInstallation included
(without installation deduct 20%)

  • aluminum mini post mount, 1/2" thick, clear, tempered installation in wood support
    36" high - 303.00/lin ft
  • 42" high 327.00/lin ft
  • for extra clear, acid etched or tinted add 109.00/lin ft
  • installation in brick, block or stone support add 50.00/lin ft
  • aluminum mini post mount glass guard
    36" high
  • tempered and laminated 9/16" thick clear glass 402.00/lin ft
  • tempered and laminated 11/16" thick clear glass 413.00/lin ft
  • tempered and laminated 13/16" thick clear glass 446.00/lin ft