Expected Pricing

A typical stair project would include Stair, guard and handrails. We have a transparent pricing. Prices per units are displayed on our web site underneath the photos on relative pages. Prices are for standard installation. If there are non-standard site specifics the price may be adjusted.

That enables a client to quickly get the price or at least to get a sense about the price.

For a more detailed quote drawings can be sent to us. If there is no drawings or more information, consultation is needed a site visit may be arranged.

Unless stated otherwise the price would include fabrication, delivery and installation. For installations outside Toronto-Hamilton area a distant installation charge may be added.

Payment plan is: deposit 30%, before skeleton installation 30%, before finishing installation 40%. tax is extra.

Our floating stairs and frameless glass railing pricing is simple and transparent. Expected prices for installations in Canada are displayed in Canadian dollars on relevant product pages. For pricing for installations in United States please visit mrail.us.